Remember the Future

I used to write a lot in ‘The blog of a brown dog and some other guy’ I used to be the voice of ‘some other guy’ and my dog Rambo was the voice of the brown dog.

And so work took over and love knocked on my door and yes the war the war. and I stopped writing and he stopped barking and that was it.

It’s not that I have something to say (today) and yes love and work and there is always war, its even election time and I am not going to vote, I am in NY for work and love is waiting at home the war is over and another one is coming and our leaders I’d rather not get it into it.

I know I sound different, I know I lost my voice and the war but I have love and I have a job and I am going to win them all, that’s all. Yes its recession time, its YES WE CAN and YES WE CAN and the leaders that will save us or US or the modern world.

The times they are changing and you change with them, you make the right adjustments, make smart decision, some of you know me, some even know my dog, you know I am on my way and you know about the future.

I find it hard to write and make sense, I need to practice in places hidden from you and get back to you when I am ready to continue the journey of me and brown dog.

I hope you win and I hope you lose good things will come out either way you should be happy forget the past and remember the future it is waiting for you to be born.

I love you all that’s all!


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