Yo Momma Jokes

Yo Momma Jokes

Jesus H. Christ
. The central figure of the Christian faith. The purported savior of humanity. The main man to 3 billion of the world’s people. And apparently the best battler on YoMomma.tv. It takes a lot of hubris to pretend to be God on a website, but whoever Jesus is, it’s working for him – he (He?) has won an amazing 88% of almost 300 battles.

So with Jesus’ domination over Christianity and YoMomma.tv in mind, I’m compiling the best jokes on the site that have to do with that dude up on the cross. In Jesus’ name, amen.

From Franklin: “Yo momma so fat that Jesus said, ‘Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, render unto God what is God’s, and render unto yo momma some freakin’ Slim Fast.’”

From Imani: “Yo momma so ugly even Jesus wouldn’t save her.”

From TonyStark: “Yo momma so ugly Jesus doesn’t want her as a sunbeam, he wants her as a plague.”

From CabroniBaloney: “Yo momma so old and so tacky, she asked for a take-home box at the Last Supper.”

From SlimKid3: “Yo momma so ugly she doesn’t even have a friend in Jesus.”

From Imani: “Yo momma so fat that when Jesus saw her, he revised his previous statement of ‘No man comes to the Father but through me,’ since he wasn’t sure she would fit.”

And from the Lord Jesus Himself: “yo momma is soo old – she catered my last supper!”

The Word of the Lord.


YOMOMMA.TV capitalizes on the coolest and most interactive aspects of YO MOMMA – the jokes – and puts it in the hands of the users. The site provides a forum for users to engage in jovial joke battles, contribute to a massive catalog of jokes, and create a unique online identity.

The “hot or not” voting mechanism enhances interactivity and draws users in for extended periods of time from their first visit. Even un-registered users can participate!

Yomomma.tv gives users the option to upload jokes in both video and text format so the content is always dynamic and engaging while providing a user-friendly experience. Check it out!


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5 Responses to “Yo Momma Jokes”

  1. zach klocke Says:

    yo momma is so poor she cant a 2 story cherrio box

  2. AbnerJack Says:

    yo mama is so fat it took two trains and a bus just to get to her good side.

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