Who by Fire Fox?

Forgive me for being myself, I promise to be myself next year, remember me when you find you, I want to finally meet you, I always knew you were in there.

I found your house on Google Earth, your dad looked kind of old, your mom was making pasta, I double clicked your door, scrolled up to your room, there you were in bed, I took off your shirt, I wish I could continue but – Internet explorer has encountered an error and will now close.

People please forgive my unexpected errors, my brain just went through heavy stress testing, my heart is going through rough QA, I promise to debug next year…I promise to debug.


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One Response to “Who by Fire Fox?”

  1. Bigfootbarefoot Says:

    A young man once said to an old man, “I blame you for everything; for all this is what you’ve done.”
    And the old man said back, “I blame myself, and I accept your blame.”
    The old man looked at the ground then at the sky. He took an apple from his pocket, shined it, and gave it to the young man.

    The young man, in his young fury, said, “What is this?”
    The old man said, “It’s an apple.”
    And the young man said, “Why would you give this to me– to insult me?!”
    “No. I gave it to you because maybe you were hungry.”
    And the young man looked at the apple, and only at the apple, and then threw it far, far into the sea.
    The old man smiled and then sighed. He turned to walk away.
    “What!” the young man screamed in rage and frustration. “What do you mean by this madness!” he screamed.

    “I gave you an apple to eat, and you threw it to the sea. Now you, like me, like the rest of us who commit the sins of life, are to blame, and we have no more business with each other.” The old man turned away, taking another apple from his pocket and before he bit into the apple he turned back to the young man once more and said, “I would wish you good luck, but what does luck mean to a man who throws a good apple into the sea?”

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