I, I, I love you all, well most of you, well if I love you know who you are, I can’t hide, well I can, but I can’t hide my love to you, all of you, well most of you, well a small group, well only you, just one of you, well not anymore, you know what – all of you, thank you all for being out there, in here, with me, without me, all of last year, most of last year, on my mind, in my heart, in my bed, in my dreams, my tears, my smile, my happiness, my sadness, my life, forever, for better, for worse, it was worth it, one year of my life, you were all out there, in here, I am not sure if it matters to you, but all of you matter to me, and you couldn’t have said it better…

and when I am old, say tomorrow, I promise to forget you all, there is no way I’ll remember you all, you’ll forget me, do you know my name, my Mothers name, my Fathers name, do you know where I start do you know where I end, do you know my fears, pain, my God, I decided to stay one more year, I may extend, I have the option, it’s in my contract, please don’t take me so seriously, but seriously listen to the subtext, there’s no subtext, I SWEAR I LOVE YOU ALL, ALL OF YOU, HAPPY NEW YEAR, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, I HAVE NO HEART- TAKE IT.


3 Responses to “HAPPY NEW YEAR”

  1. Barefootbigfoot Says:

    Rambo. Your writing continues, and continues. You give us a good example: the path to happiness lies in quantity, in continuing, in more and more. You sly dog. Lapping up air-conditioning water on Diz., chasing that disgusting rag-doll even though you limp, scaring all the little pussy cats on the street with your charms.

    Well my friend. Are you getting closer? There’s a tiny hut south of South, in the desert, with a tile roof, a small garden, a view of history, a little place where a woman can put water into a can, lean against a white wall and cry when your paws are digging through the dirt.

    I dare you. When you reach your doggy destination, have eaten all the other dogs, throw off the collar, show your teeth. I’m just a pack animal; will carry your things. Will bray for advice from a rabbi’s son and a native fighter.

    Keep on! On and on! “One must imagine Sisyphus happy.”! Let the rock roll down the hill. Smile and spit. Jump ten miles into the air.

    The best of all years to you, Rambo (and some other guy).

  2. ramboblog Says:

    Man, I envy the writer of this comment, what an amazing comment, a poem, do I know you? please speak up, I have a few assumptions, please let me know who you are, your comment makes me want to write.

    speak up dog, speak up!

  3. rachelly Says:

    honey, you are a better writer…

    luv ya!

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