We can’t find blood in your Red Bull Vodka

And when I went to donate blood they said – Sir, we can’t find blood in your Red Bull Vodka! And I said WHAT? What do you mean you can’t find blood in my Red Bull Vodka? And they said zero blood 100% Red Bull Vodka,  and I said WHAT? And they YES, your blood is Red Bull Vodka, and I said are you sure? And they all said YESSSSSS. And I asked to speak to my DOCTOR, and he said, here have a taste, and I said Dr. we go way back, give me a fucking break, I am not drinking my own blood, and he opened a can of Red Bull and poured in some Vodka, and he took my blood and poured it into another glass, and he started twisting and turning the glasses and said – now taste and tell me which is your blood and which Red Bull Vodka, and I tasted them booth and they tasted the SAME, oh man what a SHAME and he said I KNOW, we told you, your blood is Red Bull Vodka and I said what does it mean? And he said, you have to stop drinking, and I said FUCK OFF DR, and he FUCKED OFF and I set there and drank Red Bull Vodka like there was no tomorrow, but tomorrow came before today, and I had to wake up, and I woke up and drank a glass of water, and I had to kill the pain, so I took a medicine and killed the pain and woke up woke up clean. 

Don’t sleep. Say everything. Do everything. Now, now now!

This blog posting was NOT sponsored by Red by Bull or by Vodka


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