The Circus

The air was sweet sweet nicotine, a microphone shadow on a yellow wall, red candle dripping tears of blood, the war was traveling to the middle east, a little kid was running shouting – the circus is coming…the circus is coming!!! I am not sure if the enemy is crossing the borders right now, not sure if I was ready to cross the borders of my fears, but no one ever asked me, not even me. 

Michelle was singing the songs of her heart, I looked at the carpet and found a memory covered with dust. There she was an uninvited guest, a memory in yet another heavy suitcase, oh the dancing lessons of my life – twisting and turning my head – one step forward one step back, forgive me tonight like no other night as I was learning to be myself beside you there’s no other wise I would have stayed in you mother ship, come home dressed, undressing my understanding.

Born to love the country, someone just dug the trenches, I came home and cleaned my red army boots, I ironed the irony of the olive uniforms, just in case…just in case, where ever I go this summer, I am taking you with me, I promise to return in the winter, a person of summer on a rainy day.

Michelle Citrin, a friend, performed last night at the Tuzman club in Lilenblom 25, Tel-Aviv, I don’t know much about music, but I tend to think I know a thing or two about matters of the heart, not knowing + matters of the heart = Love. Listen to Michelle, she’ll give you love, she’ll make you smile, listen just listen, listen to her heart.


3 Responses to “The Circus”

  1. rachelly Says:

    Sweet sweet Asael!

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  3. rachelly Says:


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