Ocean of Emotions

At night deep in her ocean of emotions – she cried, I pulled her out of bed and said – let’s go to the sea, we walked fast as if they found a cure for love and they were giving it for free. We set down on the sand and listened to the waves…

She: do you understand? 

Me: once I understand I will cease to exist…

She: as far as I am concerned you understand…

Me: so…I guess it’s time for me to go

She: stop! that’s not what I meant, I was  just giving you a compliment.

The waves they were calling us to get in, the water was warm and I held her hand, romantic we were, but as I looked into the horizon I could read the words THE END setting into the water.

She: now dive into the water with your eyes open

Me: NO, but if you go first I will follow…

She: NO you go first!

Me: together?

She: OK

I counted 1,2,3 we dived into the salty water, I saw her silhouette going up and followed.

She: now look at me what do you see?

Me: I see you

She: how do I look?

Me: blurry

She: how does it feel?

Me: it burns

She: do you want this?

Me: NO darling I don’t! Now look at me, what do you see?

She: I see you very clearly…

Me: how does it feel?

She: it feels right and it doesn’t burn

Me: do you want this?

She: I want you but I am scared…

Me: If you want me you need to start telling the truth.

she started crying insulted in salted…

Me: baby don’t cry over me, once you wash away the salt you wash away my memory.

I walked out of the sea and never looked back, when I set down to write I had to look back, so I am looking back right now, as I left she never followed me, I remembered all the girls that never followed me and I could understand. 

Rambo: even if you don’t visit the sea this summer, I know it is there waiting for you…

The sand, the waves, the salt, the ocean, emotions, motions, my love, the truth The End.

You can read part I of this story here trust me it is worth it!


3 Responses to “Ocean of Emotions”

  1. rachelly Says:

    That’s sad…
    I would have followed you…

  2. ramboblog Says:

    They found a cure for love I met her last night…

    I’ll be back next Thursday can’t say much right now…but the plan is to get back alive, worked last time, in God I trust.

  3. rachelly Says:

    Take care of yourself. I’ll be thinking about you and pray that you’ll come back in one piece.

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