Counting Hassan Nasrallah’s

I couldn’t sleep, I woke up and checked on my blog, could be better thank you! sometimes when I can’t write, when the muse in not right, I go back in time, so I can pick up from where I last ended, I wanted to continue writing where the last posting ended, so I clicked “View site” but the last posting was gone.

No, I did not delete it, not even by mistake, I was able to find a copy of an older but not the final version, and the sweet comment is missing, man what the fuck? What the hell? So now I am awake, as if a burglar just walked into my house and stole a body part, do they burglars steal body parts? maybe the surgeon burglars? Never mind forgive the tired soul, I feel like someone stole it from me, and where the hell is the brown dog?

Asael: Dog, where were you when they stole my last blog posting?

Rambo: eBay!

Asael:  very funny! You stay here and watch the blog, I am falling asleep…

Rambo: so am I!

dog you were sleeping all day!

true…but what’s your point?

nothing, good night!

where were you when they killed the prime minister?

Asael: I was sleeping!

Rambo: where were you when they killed Hassan Nasrallah?

Asael: I think he is alive…

Rambo: think again

Asael: do you know something I don’t know?

Rambo: you know the myth about dogs and earth quakes, that we can tell way before it starts?

Asael: yes

Rambo: well it’s BS!

Asael: so what’s your point?

Rambo: Hassan Nasrallah’s days are numbered and we are going to start counting:

Today is day 1

When I woke up, the missing posting was back, as you can see on the right column, or when you scroll down, there are 2 posting named: She Said I asked I Typed, I am not sure what implications it has on Hassan Nasrallah’s fate, than again strange things happen everyday and I learned to listen to the brown dog, I think he is still counting, don’t count on it, but have faith!


One Response to “Counting Hassan Nasrallah’s”

  1. rachelly Says:

    I know what it feels like when someone steal your dreams, twice this month!

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