She Said I asked I Typed

She said don’t say a word, I asked her if she wanted me to shut up, she said no dear that’s not what I meant, she said listen to the silence, listen to the void between our bodies, I told her I will try, she said I am sure you can – you are the quiet type, and when I set down to write about her I typed QUIET.

From her house I could hear the waves, I could smell the sand, I could taste the salt on her sweet lips, I closed my eyes and elevated, and as we disconnected, not for long just for some air, I slowly fell back to the ground, I fell and felt repaired, I looked into the sky and whispered – thank you! She said don’t speak my dear don’t speak, I said, from time to time I say a little prayer – she said Respect! and leaned forward, I froze and closed my eyes I counted 1,2,3 we touched, she touched my forehead, I felt safe, touched my neck, I felt home, I wanted to tell her – never let go, but silent I respected her command.

We lost sense of time, early morning breeze softened the softened, I shivered and she asked me, are you cold? I said no I am just happy, she smiled and set and gazed. You think too much she said, I know I said I know, I am recording now, she asked me why? I said I write, she asked if I would read her when it’s done, I said, I will I promise, she smiled, I said: tonight my darling I’m your man! she asked about tomorrow – I said your man! tomorrow and today and every single day – your man! she said my man my man!

On my way home I got lost, work and stress became just words, love became life, you know the feeling, when it starts, when you are not sure if to smile or cry, that’s where I wanted…and so I walked around myself with no intention, around with no intention around with no intention.

I found my house the same and different, I felt home and homeless, I gave the dog a hug, I went to sleep with me and fell asleep with her, and woke up and ran straight to her house, I read it from my blog, she said it’s nice, she asked me why I capitalized QUIET I said don’t say a word, don’t say a word.

The void our bodies the salt sweet life love, your man, around around, home.

Dedicated to my true friend cosmo


4 Responses to “She Said I asked I Typed”

  1. Natalie Says:

    Just came across your blog, you are a beautiful writer … very unique. Enjoyed reading till now. 🙂

  2. ramboblog Says:

    Natalie, thanks for the kind and sweet comment!


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