Asael cannot sleep it’s the future that worries him, and when he gets up, I get up and sit by him, once again I tell him there is nothing to worry about Asael, but as he gets up and smokes in the early dawn, I know my words are not enough.

The future is here he tells me, the future is here, every minute, every step – the next years of my life.

You worry me I say to him, you worry me too much, you take it very heavily, he looks at me and whispers softly in my ear, what can I do dog what can I do, it’s an opportunity of a life time, I must push forward, I must progress for the sake of my unborn children.

Big strong words I say to him, your unborn children? and he says yes, the future is now, I can see them firm in my arms, I can see them coming, and love I say, where is love? and once again he says, oh she is coming; she is coming soon to realization, and when I remind him, that he told me she is coming back a few months ago, he says, patience my dog patience.

I trust you Asael, I trust your basic instincts, but go to sleep, go to sleep little kid, don’t worry so much, you worry me too much, rest your mind, take a deep breathe, embrace the challenges during the day, put down your weapons during the night, and rest.

The night is bright and full of future, his mind is wondering around the room haunted, he gets up and walks with me towards the future, and as we walk into the blinding light, he says – remember where it all started and never look back.


3 Responses to “THE FUTURE”

  1. rachelly Says:

    The future is overrated. We should live the present. There is no tomorrow and the past had died.

  2. ramboblog Says:

    How could the future be over rated if it’s what’s going to happen a second a minute an hour from now, the beauty of the unexpected.

  3. rachelly Says:

    The future has no valid existance beacause it never happend (yet…), the only thing that exist is now…and now…and now…

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