Broken Records


And I was blinded by your creation, is it you or just my imagination, and as I left, I left to write.

Come visit me, come visit me my heart, you walked away in slow motion, I tried to catch you in fast forward, straight forward made you run away, fast forward made me spend the winter on my own.

Angry as I was, at last I understand the reasons, the fall, the isolation, my creations broke into the endless, my imagination made me sleep for hours that I don’t deserve, I spent the winter with the memoirs of summer, I collected just enough to help me in cold nights of fright and loneliness, expansion, why is the suspension and the tension so many details so much attention and the big picture is transparent to this dreamer, oh my life, my life.

Dreams are footsteps in the sand box of my childhood, echoes, echoes, echoes bounce against my heart.



3 Responses to “Broken Records”

  1. Ginrod Says:

    Your writing is amazing!

  2. ramboblog Says:

    Thank you this is very flattering!!!


  3. My name is Lucas I live on the second floor « The blog of a brown dog Says:

    […] 3. Broken Records […]

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