Time before everything


And sometimes the city enters my house, the wind opens a window, and the people climb inside, they gather around brown dog – brown dog, they say, we want to hear a story and brown dog looks at them lazy and says – ok…ok…here is a story…

And the story always begins:

Time before everything in a place where the skies are arguing a little baby wept at the verge of his life…

And the story always ends:

And above all the skies were arguing…

And just before they leave they ask him each and everyone, about their future, and when they leave I ask the brown – what about me? Tell me about my future! and he smiles at me and says – you!? I care for you too much…never in the world will I say a word…and when I push and push…he says – it’s bright oh so bright…and full of stars…soon the moon will shape into a heart and love will climb into your house…


One Response to “Time before everything”

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    […] all for sake, the sake life. As brown dog once told me – the future is bright oh so bright soon the moon will shape into a heart. I say to you […]

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