The write to remain silent

And so I remain silent, the time that I am recording is not interesting to me and I erase and record and erase, and so the guilt and pressure builds, returning visitors appear in the statistics, I imagine them people opening their refrigerator at night, the light doesn’t turn on and the once full refrigerator is empty and cold.  Have I frozen in time, the only time I am able to record is my history and my fantasies, maybe I need a reality check, perhaps I just need a break.

Rambo: you have the write to remain silent. 

Asael: anything I write can and will be used against you in a court of law?

Rambo: yes and you have the right to write to an attorney, and to give the attorney presents during any questioning.

Asael: what if I cannot afford a lawyer? or presents?

Rambo: one will be provided for you at government expense.

Asael: what is the charge?

Rambo: erasing vital evidence of your current status from the blog.

Asael: well it personal!

Rambo: personal my ass! you better start writing and stop this crazy censorship, we have a reputation you know…

Asael: yes I know I know, I guess you are right…

Rambo: and bright…so write…

Asael: all right bright dog I am done, what do you think?

Rambo: you can do better; it’s your first posting in 6 days. 

Asael: ok, ok man, I’ll get my act together.

Rambo: ok…now take me out for a pissing contest!

Asael: ok


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