Stay with me

me, I guess!

Went down to the pub, a kid walked with his dad holding birthday balloons and flew into the sky, drank some whisky and beer, It’s happy hour the bar tender says and brings another round, went back home, fell asleep woke up at 2 AM, I swear the kids down stairs were singing happy birthday, looked out of the window and saw my friends down stairs, they were all kids, Mr. they said, could you call Asael, we want to wish him a happy birthday, still I stood at the window, but it’s me, it’s me I said, they laughed, no it’s me I cried, come on Sir they said, I looked around the house, I even looked inside me, ran down the stairs, and they were all gone.

Today I am 33, the kid trapped in me is not letting me go, I hold his hand firm, kid I promise: I am never letting you go, stay with me, talk to me when you are afraid, you are me I am you, I am you, you are me, stay with me. 


5 Responses to “Stay with me”

  1. Efrat Cybulkiewicz Says:

    That kid in us… oh man oh man, it is the best thing ever, how this thing in us can wake up fór no reason and offer us also the best emotions ever… making us feel all over again completely alive!

    This is an interesting dream (a similar dream I have back in the days).
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yael Says:

    Hey Asael,

    I liked what you wrote, guess all of us can relate to this feeling. The thing is, it’s o.k. to stay a kid, it’s even better than growing up, if growing up means you have to be serious all the time and pay the bills and worry. Kids have this great quality in them that helps them enjoy the most simple things in life. If enjoying living means staying a kid forever, than count me in. Let’s make our own Neverland…

    P.S: If you want people to read your blog, maybe you should act less desperate, most of the people don’t react so well to that. (And yes, i’m not most people).


  3. ramboblog Says:

    Hey Yael, Thank’s for being ”not most people” – I don’t write for most people – I take your tip seriously! Lets stay in Neverland, if I can at 33, you must at 25, deal!


  4. rachelly Says:


  5. ramboblog Says:

    Thank You!

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