The war is over (4000-9)

Tehilim Lebanon 2006

The war is over, the war is over; the war is over, over there, can you see? Can you see them? Do you see the rifles? Do you see them? Can you see them? Over there, yes over there, in the horizon…

Are you coming, are you coming to help us protect the borders? Or do you fancy, do you fancy staying in the local disco? Have you ever danced with a dead solider? I have danced with a few, I danced the dance of life when I got back, I can’t dance anymore, I can try, I pretend, I can’t dance.

The war is over, we crossed the border, we crossed the border back, 4000 we got in -9 we got out, 9 dead soldiers from my unit, I went to one memorial, I held the mothers hand, she couldn’t let go, she wouldn’t let go, I didn’t know her son, I read about him on the internet, web 2.0 soldiers? You can rate them? Rank them? Put them on your top 8? Do you recognize the faces, do you know their names?

Tel-Aviv we dance tonight, I bet you know the DJ’s name, the borders are for others, the borders are just borders of confusion, an illusion.

Rambo: so what do you want a medal?

Asael: no, nothing, just trying to write about the war…

Rambo: what if I am from Tel-Aviv never went to war, and I don’t know the DJ’s name?

Asael: well that probably means that you are:

1. An animal
2. An object
3. A jobnik
4. Never went to the army (for various reasons legitimate/non-legitimate)
5. Went to the army and don’t serve anymore (for various reasons legitimate/non-legitimate)
6. Never went to the disco (for various reasons legitimate/non-legitimate)
7. Went to the disco but don’t dance anymore (for various reasons legitimate/non-legitimate)
8. Old
9. Dead

Rambo: I think I am a dog

Asael: I know you are a dog

Rambo: is that a good thing?

Asael: dogs are the best!

Rambo: do you remember the soliders?

Asael: every day I remember the soliders, do you?

Rambo: everyday I remember!

Asael: I love my country!

Rambo: I love my country-club!

Asael: you must know the DJ’s name than…

Rambo: I do, DJ Choopie is my favorite! do you have a favorite DJ?

Asael: Gadi!

Rambo: Gadi?

Asael: Gadi the DJ…

Rambo: God is a DJ?

Asael: Gadi, the son of Malkah and Shmoel


2 Responses to “The war is over (4000-9)”

  1. thejook Says:

    Put me down for #3. Though, I did, technically go for about 15 min. And I don’t know the DJs name. Oh wait yes I do. Eli.

    Remind us of the dance of the soldier at the Turkish party.


  2. ramboblog Says:

    Kaplowie, Kaplowie, Kaplowie!

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