The good

The good, she comes, once a week, to see, If there is any Love for me to give, my eyes, they don’t lie: Love is long gone, she makes love to me and I have sex with her.

She got out of bed in the middle of the night and moved to the orange coach (ouch!) I guess that’s where her emotions come out, she got up and left early in the morning, I guess that’s where her emotions come out.

I understand her, I understand and can’t stand myself this morning, no; I don’t lie to her, I lie to myself that this is something I need, when all I need is a vacation.

Rambo: and Love?

Asael: whatever…

Rambo: sure.


7 Responses to “The good”

  1. umair Says:

    thr must be some love left

  2. ramboblog Says:

    Oh there is love, but not the kind of love she wants from me.

  3. umair Says:

    do love have kinds … ?? you seems to think you understand her perfectly …

  4. ramboblog Says:

    I love her as a person, as a friend, but it is not enough to have a serious relationship. We spent a few months together, we gave it a chance, but it did not work. I hope this is more clear.

    Thanks for commenting!


  5. channahboo Says:

    It is strange that… that feeling of it not being enough. Surely if you love that person, love them as a friend, love them totally for who they are and just the way they are then why is not enough? It is funny how nowadays we have become so fickle that it is no longer enough to meet someone, get on, have a connection and make it work (as our parents and grandparents did). The only thing is now… what are we looking for?

    Nice post my friend 🙂

  6. ramboblog Says:

    I hear you girl…I agree with everything you say, but she is not what I am looking for at this stage of my life, she is not a partner for life and not a long lasting relationship (we tried) wish she was, she isn’t…I know what I am looking for, I’ll continue my search until I find her…I will find her, I have to! Maybe she will even find me.

    Thanks for being my only dedicated reader, sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself, which I am in a way, but it’s great to get feedbacks.

    Hope I am not losing my blog direction, I started out with a more humoristic approach and now intensive and reavling, I guess that’s life, that’s my state of mind, I am using my emotions to write, hope I am not scaring anyone away- intensive me.


  7. Lilith Says:

    I’m here.

    I am reading every word.

    You are my Love.. you have been since the beginning of time.. there was no beginning of time.. there is no end.. You have always been there.. and I have been missing you for too long.. it’s been too long and I need you to be there next to me again. I don’t just want you.. I need you.

    I stumble.. I stumble a lot. You pick me up. You don’t stumble so much.. not out loud.. but your heart does. And I pick You up. I want nothing more in life, than to pick You up.

    My Lord.. has never forsaken me. Please don’t start now..

    I love you,

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