The good the bad and the ugly

I remember you, everyday I remember you, the good the bad and the ugly, there is not an inch of hate, and I  miss you so, you have no idea how I miss your soul, yes I scare you, by reflecting the truth I scare you, by knowing too much I scare you, but I sware to you, all I want is to help you, not preach or teach, just to reach, out a hand and touch your soul, I can help you, understand you, I am drunk enough, I don’t give a fuck, to expose my guts, and I pray, everyday I pray for you, from the second your tears came out of your eyes I pray for you, have I touched your soul? yes I touched your soul, I am closing my eyes and dreaming of you, in a different life, it is me and you, we are equal, maybe its the sequel.

Rambo: man, what happend to my voice? what happend to my animal writes?

Asael: dog, I respect your animal writes, but you need to understand my human writes.

Rambo: right.


2 Responses to “The good the bad and the ugly”

  1. Lilith Says:

    Yes, I can hear you praying.. your voice has been at the back of my mind for how long now? You are the one who lays his hand on my head in my dreams.. to heal those thoughts hurting me. I am the one who lays her hands on your heart.. to heal those conflicts hurting you.

    From the first second I saw you a few weeks ago.. actually, to be truly honest, I knew who you were the minute I heard your name. I asked about you.. I Googled you before I even met you again those few month ago. I knew..

    “There’s just something about that guy”.

    I love you again.. and again.. and forever.

    I need you, my sweet Binary star.

    Your Heart,

  2. ramboblog Says:


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