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Kalman Kahana

Rambo: Asael!

Rambo: Asael!

Scratch LickLick Scratch – Scratch Scratch – Lick

Rambo: Asael wake up, I think my blog was hacked!!!

Asael: hacked?

Rambo: yes, what is this Rabbi doing on my blog?

Asael: it’s my late Grandfather!

Rambo: was he supposed to be here earlier?

Asael: late – dead!

Rambo: opps sorry!

Asael: not your fault…

Rambo: and why is he on my blog?

Asael: I am not sure about the timing; I guess that I am proud; it’s part of our family’s history.

Rambo: you mean you had nothing to write and decided to copy it from Wikipedia…

Asael: yes but everything is for a reason…

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kalman Kahana (Hebrew: קלמן כהנא, born 31 May 1910, died 20 August 1991) was a long-serving Israeli politician and journalist, and head of the Agudat Israel Workers party for its entire existence.


Kalman was born in Galicia, an area of the Austro-Hungarian Empire now in modern-day Ukraine. He studied Philosophy, Semitic Languages, History and Pedagogy at Berlin University and Würzburg University, eventually gaining a PhD in ; Philosophy. He also graduated as a Rabbi from the Hildsheimer Rabbinical Seminary of Berlin, and was also head of the Haredi Students Organization in the city, as well as being a member of the Young Aguda.

Kalman immigrated to Mandate Palestine in 1938, settling in the Kibbutz of Hefetz Haim. After immigrating, he became editor of the Shaarim newspaper.

Political career

Kalman soon became involved in politics, becoming a member of the secretariat of the Executive Committee of Agudat Israel Workers, and also sat on the central committee of the international organisation. Eventually he became president of the federation.

His position as head of the largest Ultra-orthodox workers union meant that he became a member of Provisional State Council, and was one of the people to sign Israel’s declaration of independence.

Kahana was elected to the first Knesset as a member of the United Religious Front, an alliance of Agudat Israel, the political wing of Agudat Israel Workers, Mizrakhi and Mizrakhi Workers.

For the 1951 elections, Agudat Israel Workers stood as an independent party, gaining two seats. Kahana headed the faction in the Knesset, and was appointed Deputy Minister of Education and Culture when the party joined David Ben-Gurion‘s coalition government. The party was involved in bringing down the third government when it disagreed with Ben-Gurion over the need for strengthening religious education. Despite not being a coalition partner in the fourth, fifth and sixth governments, Kahana retained his Deputy Ministerial position.

Prior to the 1955 elections, Agudat Israel Workers merged with Agudat Israel to form the Religious Torah Front. Kahana was elected to the Knesset on the new list. The parties also ran together in the 1959 elections, but split during the Knesset session.

Agudat Israel Workers ran independently in the 1961, 1965 and 1969 elections, with Kahana retaining his seat as head of the party each time. He also regained his position as Deputy Minister of Education and Culture after the 1961 and 1965 elections.

The Religious Torah Front was reformed before the 1973 elections, with Kahana winning election on its list, but split again during the session. Agudat Israel Workers won only one seat in the 1977 elections, and he entered the Knesset alone.

However, the party failed to cross the electoral threshold in the 1981 elections, and Kahana lost his Knesset seat. He retired from politics and passed away ten years later.

Retrieved from “

Rambo: am I on Wikipedia?

Asael: let’s run a search…but its not going to be You You, its just going to be your name get it?

Rambo: yes I guess…

Asael: here we go:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rambo is a saga of popular action films starring Sylvester Stallone, based on the characters created by David Morrell in his novel First Blood. The films are: First Blood (1982), Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985), and Rambo III (1988). A fourth film, titled John Rambo, is expected in 2008. The films focus on a troubled Vietnam War veteran, John James Rambo, who is greatly skilled in all aspects of survival and guerilla warfare.

In popular culture, the name has become an eponym for a tactic of military aggression or, alternatively, a heroic, robust person.

Rambo: great! And you? I mean not You You, your name?

here you go:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Asael (Hebrew: עשהאל, Greek: ‘Ασεάλ)

Translation: Made by God. Etymology: Theophorous “nominal” name appearing in the Bible, made up of two parts: the verb עשה, Hebrew “to do, make” 3rd perfect, and the theophorous element (deity name), אל, the Hebrew God El, or Elohim. This would make the name a name of “thanksgiving,” thanking God for what he has “made, done”. Appearances: Asael is the youngest son of Zeruiah and David’s sister. He was known for his “swiftness of foot.” He was put to death by Abner, whom he pursued from the battlefield when fighting against Ish-bosheth at Gibeon, in the army of his brother Joab, (cf. IISam. 2:18-19). He is considered among David’s thirty valiant men (cf. IISam. 23:24; ICh. 11:26). Other occurrences of Asael appear to be of those with the same name but not sharing the mythology: (cf. IICh. 17:8, 31:13; Ezr. 10:15).

Additionally, the name Asael (under a variant spelling) appears in Aramaic as was the 10th Watcher of the 20 leaders of the 200 fallen angels that are mentioned in an ancient work called the Book of Enoch.

Rambo: and James?

Asael: what James?

Rambo: just trying to help you finish your blog posting man!

Asael: yes, James is there

Rambo: great, and Josh?

Asael: yes, Josh, James all of them everyone everything, its all on Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Rambo: anyone can edit? even people without computers?

Asael: yes anyone

Rambo: AI?


3 Responses to “No higher resolution available”

  1. thejook Says:

    My grandfather used to turn a crank in the town square to make the music.

  2. ramboblog Says:

    Music is closer to my heart than politics, it’s great that you follow his path creating great music in a modern method, I am glad you don’t need to stand in the town square to make a living, but I am sure your grandfather made many people passing by very happy!

  3. Lilith Says:

    Very interesting post.. I am extremely intrigued.

    As for the music.. this is as close to my soul as almost anything else out there.. not quite, but pretty close. I like building cities too.. this excites me more. I would love to build cities while listening to good music…

    Ah.. dreams.. are nice.


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