Asael and Rambo Vs. The Internet Police

So I tried to promote the blog on some discussion forum, and was surprised to find that some people took upon themselves the role of being the Internet Police, here are the comments and my responses:

OrangeJosh: spammer.

Asael: ouch – just trying to promote my blog – its great you should read it! No intention to sell or SPAM maybe I should use other methods – thanks for the advice.

OrangeJosh: Dude, you know you are a spammer find some more legit methods to promote yourself.

Asael: and you are the SPAM police? You got nothing to contribute to the world besides to say what is SPAM and what is not?

I am a writer – I got great stories on my blog, and trying to get people to read them, that’s all.

OrangeJosh: everyone on this forum is the Spam police that’s the way it was set up. And this is 100% Spam.

Asael: so that’s what you do all day, there are the ones that do things and the ones that criticize right?

Perhaps you are a talented person and wasting your time being the police, anyway no hard feelings, have a great day.

OrangeJosh: Whatevs, spammer

Asael: read this police officer – blind man + blind dog + brown dog = eyes – February 19th, 2007 by ramboblog

I included part of the story and the link

And than from no where some other police officer joins his name on the forum is < — > and I refer to him as blank

Blank: Oh, man, this really sucks why would you subject people to your inane crap? What are you, 12 years old? I’ll wager that your blog gets no traffic not because it is underpromoted, but because it just plain blows.

Asael: Oh man Oh man are you a man or just blank, so there is a whole internet police unit spread around this forum, do you guys get paid? Do you have friends besides people with nicknames that you never met?

Do you ever contribute anything to anyone besides flagging peoples posts, do you have a job? a life? a wife? a mind? can you read? do you read books? can you spell your own name? does your ID Card say your name is Blank ? Father name 0 > mother name < 0?

Blank: Ha! If I do add some content you can wager it will be more than some essay that you clearly wrote for your 5th grade creative writing project.

Asael: If and If and If and If, Blank, please add your content and please don’t copy and paste like you probably always do from a book that you can’t even read.

Show me your skills; don’t just threaten to do so! Show me, waiting…

Blank: OK, here goes… a short prose work

Asael wrote some crap. The poor spammer had a stilted self-image, and thought we would like it. Unfortunately, he never went though high school, let alone college, so he never had a teacher help him focus his misled enthusiasm. His stories ended up being uninteresting, unfunny, and slightly offensive since he insisted on adding a political tone. This proved disasterous, since he had invested his future in a blog which relied on his horrible writing.

Then Asael spent several decades living in his parents’ basement, and then died alone.

What did you think? I applied some creative license, but I think it turned out pretty well!

Asael: come on I think you can do better, what I did enjoy is that you chose me as the subject matter. Even when you are trying to be creative (nice try keep the great work!) you are trying to do it on the expense of someone else.

Can you write something, a short paragraph without insulting someone? can you write something, create something that does not sound like you are doing homework?

Can you write a fucking good short story? Without making a tribute to me or anyone else?

By the way English is my second language, and you are not even close to the creativity that I master in your mother tongue, by the way I like the taste of your mothers tongue!!!

And than enters the room a new person talking in the name of all police units in the area, perhaps the Police Chief of Staff, talking on behalf of everyone in his unit – OrangeJosh, blank and the rest of the forum.

Police chief: how many times did you copy and paste your own message? Get over yourself. Your story sucked. We didn’t like it. And we didn’t like your spamming from your blog. Take it someplace else.

Asael: Is this one person or the entire police unit? If it’s just one than something is wrong because you refer to yourself as WE, Bipolar disorder?

Lets take it outside? Me my brown DOG against you and yourself and OrangeJosh and Blank! Are we in the same city or I have to fly somewhere to kick some ass?


2 Responses to “Asael and Rambo Vs. The Internet Police”

  1. thejook Says:

    Doesn’t Rambo know how to BITE at these guys?

  2. ramboblog Says:

    This is temporarly:

    The blog of a white man
    and some other dog

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