Knock Knock Dug and Dug

Warm wind blows and knocks on my door, Rambo runs to the door, I open, a briefcase awaits, my childhood is packed, I take it inside I shiver I open I remember…

Rambo: what?

Asael: my childhood…

Rambo: what happened?

Asael: I really don’t want to talk about it.

Rambo: can I take a look?

Asael: yes, I trust you…

Rambo: oh man I am sorry…

Asael: it’s ok Dog.

Rambo: what else is inside? It’s heavy I see…there is black and some pink and even a rainbow… 

Asael: good memories, good times, a family, a mother and father, you know I miss him so, one sister, another one is born, I miss him so you know…a whole family a unit…love…we were close. We still are…I am here he is there…he is near.

Rambo: I know man, I know…look at you, it is summer, you are tiny, you are running around with a dog and you are smiling…

Asael: yes I had a dog, I even had a smile, and another dog and one more dog, not as spoiled as you are, one was tied to a pole, one used to wonder around, not sure he ever knew he was mine, well he came when he was thirsty, one was ran over by a car, I knew who it was, I used to hate her, the mother of a class mate, the nurse, how could she I thought!? well he ran into her wheels, I saw it, I saw it coming, I see it now in slow motion, the early 80’s it was, I remember my father buried him in the field.

I used to visit the grave, I took a wooden box that I made in school, took a lock of blond hair and placed it inside, I even wrote a note, I cried, and buried it in our garden, a few years later I was looking for it, I dug and dug, and dug…

Rambo: And?

Asael: Dug

Rambo: And?

Asael: Dug

I wanted to read what I wrote, I think it was an early realization of death; I buried a metaphor in a wooden box and never found it, I remember crying for weeks in my bed, missing my dog, I was very sensitive…

Rambo: was?

Asael: more than now, it was first and it was pain, there are never proportions when it comes to matters of my heart. 

Pain is Pain,
Love is Love,
Pain brings Love,
Love brings Pain,
And I am born again. 

Rambo: And?

 Asael: I am born again.

Rambo: And?

Asael: End.


2 Responses to “Knock Knock Dug and Dug”

  1. Marc Says:

    Love is an expression of affection, so you must have loved your Rambo… Pain is a reflection of hurt, so you must have felt close to your pet… That story was moving, to say the least. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. ramboblog Says:

    Hi man,

    Thanks so much for the warm response and for the sensitive analysis, I am doing my best to share my stories with others, to reach peoples hearts, responses like yours help me open up and continue working hard.

    By the way Rambo is alive (thank God!)

    some other guy
    AKA Asael

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