blind man + blind dog + brown dog = eyes

It was on September 19 of 2002, six people were killed when a suicide bomber detonated a bomb in Dan bus No. 4 on Allenby Street, opposite the Great Synagogue in Tel-Aviv, I was just a block away, I heard the blast and ran to the scene. I got there before the police sealed and surrounded the area. My neighbour Moshe was walking his dog crossing Allenby street on his way to the market when the bomb went off, I found Moshe and his dog Rexi bleeding and crying for help, an ambulance rushed to the scene and started evacuating the wounded, I helped move Moshe and Rexi into an ambulance.

The blast left Moshe and Rexi blind; they spent a few months in rehabilitation and than released home.

It took Moshe months until he was able to walk his dog again, I volunteered to help, me and Rambo took Rexi with us every time we went for our daily walk. Half a year later Moshe decided he was ready to start walking the streets again, but he needed a dog to walk him through and guide him through the busy streets of Tel-Aviv. There was no way for Moshe to adopt another dog, the house was small, Rexi was still traumatized, peeing all over the place and eating the furniture. Rambo came to me one day with a brilliant idea.

Rambo: man, I have a brilliant idea!

Asael: dog, what is your brilliant idea?

Rambo: man, I will be the dog that walks Moshe and Rexi in the streets…I will be their eyes…and I’ll look out for them.

Asael: dog, this is the stupidest idea I have ever heard!

Rambo: man, think about it…I know the streets I know the hood…I know the blvd…let’s at least give it a chance…think about it, if it works out you will not need to take me out during the day…Moshe will be happy, Rexi will be happy Asael will be happy and Rambo the brilliant dog happy.

Asael: ok brown dog…will give it a try…

So we went and spoke to Moshe, At first he thought it was the stupidest idea he ever heard, he said he would be embarrassed by peoples looks, and than he remembered he was blind.

Moshe: you know what Asael…you know what…fuck it…let’s just do it…

We started training every day…Moshe was holding on to Rexi’s leash…Rambo was tied to Rexi in front and was leading the way. It took them a few weeks to get in sync but in the end it worked out perfect.

So If you ever pass on the streets of Tel-Aviv and you see a blind man, with a blind dog, and a small smart brilliant brown dog leading their way, I want you to know that it’s my dog, my brilliant dog Rambo and that I am very proud of him.


2 Responses to “blind man + blind dog + brown dog = eyes”

  1. rachelly Says:

    hey, you know what? I am proud of your dog too, and I’m sure it wasn’t his idea alone…you had something to do with this…good for you!

  2. My name is Lucas I live on the second floor « The blog of a brown dog Says:

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