BROWN MONSTER at the Airport!!!

Rambo: are you sure about this flying thing…

Asael: yes man, don’t worry everything will be fine, you look kind of scary in this cage… like a BROWN MONSTER!!! I’ll be thinking about you when I am in the business class…I promise…

Rambo: sure man, between one glass of champagne and a strawberry you will be thinking about me in a cage somewhere between the Chimp and the Cat.

Asael: no man…I care about you…and you agreed to come…everything will be fine…

Women with a mustache: Sir, please let your dog out of the cage and step to the side! Dog please come with me and please try to pass through the metal detector.

Rambo passes through the metal detector and keeps beeping, I take off his leash and the beeping continues, he starts to get pissed and pisses on the metal detector, they make him pass over and over again but he keeps on beeping.

Women with a mustache: Sir, please lift your brown dog and put him through the transparency machine. I lift Rambo and they pass him through…I look at the TV monitor, man his brain is not so big…but what a huge heart. The inspection “lady” identifies a chip in Rambo’s ear, she calls security, he says it ok it’s just a standard dog chip, the ones vets put in the dogs ear as an ID. (Rambo: not…its my secret color vision chip…i’ll tell you all about it in a few days)

Asael: man your brain is so small…but your heart…what a soul…

Rambo: DOG my brain is not small its probably quiet big…its just relative to my head…and will you stop laughing at me…I’m not in the mood for your stupid jokes now…

Women with a mustache: Sir please put your brown dog in the cage; we need to take him into the plane.

Asael: no duty free for you man…you want me to get you something?

Rambo: just by me a bottle of scotch…and you know what…get me Britney Spears’  latest album you know ‘Britney spears – b the mix’

Asael: Anything you want man…I’ll see you in 12 hours…try to sleep…

Rambo: I’ll do my best…

Asael: You will be fine, no worries…so I’ll see you later man…

Rambo: Ok dog see you

So the mustache takes me to the plane ,she puts me next to a sick Chimp flying for an operation, and some rare breed of a Seal Point Siamese Cat, very hot I may add, no intentions implied (well maybe…) and a Chicken. The plane takes off, the animals are hysterical, I take the sleeping pill that Asael gave me and sip from my water. I fall asleep.

To be or not to be continued?…to be continued…


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