Brownlocks and the Three Bears II

So Brownlocks decided to find his way back home on his own.

He knew he wasn’t far because he only walked for about an hour, but it was late and cold and it messed up his great sense of smell. So he wandered around until he found his way back to the blvd and took the number 5 bus from the corner of Sheinkin and Rothschild.

When he got back it was very late. Inside the house, a candle was burning brightly and his dog food bowl was empty. He climbed to the top of the twisty staircase. There, he found the bedroom with the one double bed, which of course was very big, and was not middle sized and not small.

Somebody is lying on my bed! Said Brownlocks.
What is she doing on my bed? Asked Brownlocks.
Why is she lying on my bed, cried Brownlocks, and why is she snoring?

I know somebody is sleeping in MY bed, so be quiet Brownlocks, said Asael. You are going to wake up Molly. And where the hell have you been, I was looking all over for you? Asael asked.

I went to Sheinkin Street man! Said Brownlocks.

What? How many times did I warn you about Sheinkin Street?
It’s too far.
It’s so far!
And far too trendy for us! cried Asael.

I know man, I’ll never do it again I promise. But there is one more thing that you should know, said Brownlocks.

Somebody has been eating my Pedigree
Somebody has been eating my Pedigree Meal
I think Molly has been eating my Pedigree Mealtime Meaty Chunks and has eaten it all up, cried Brownlocks.

Are you crazy Brownlocks? Molly did not eat your food; if you are hungry I can put more Pedigree Mealtime Meaty Chunks in your plate. So Asael went and filled up Brownlocks bowl, and Brownlocks ate a few meaty chunks and came back to bed. He jumped in the middle between Asael and Molly after promising Asael that there will be no touching or cuddling and they both fell asleep.

In the middle of the night Brownlocks woke up to strange noises coming out of the kitchen. He jumped out of bed, ran down the stairs and got into the kitchen where he found Molly eating his Pedigree Mealtime Meaty Chunks. He thought that Molly was part of his dream and pinched himself very hard, but Molly did not disappear. Now he was very frightened. He ran and woke Asael up, Asael came down and saw Molly eating Brownlocks’ food he thought that Molly was part of his dream so he pinched Brownlocks very hard, but Molly did not disappear, and Brownlocks screamed.

You scared me dog! said Molly, and why are you two looking at me like I am a freak, your fridge was empty, you got nothing to eat so I ate some Pedigree Mealtime Meaty Chunks. I sell this stuff at the pet store all the time, there’s nothing wrong with eating this it’s nutritionally complete and highly digestible food, this product contains real rice and vegetables and has no artificial flavors or soy.

It smelled delicious and Asael realized how hungry he was. ‘I’ll just try a little bit to see how it tastes,’ he said. So he took one meaty chunk and it was too salty. Then he tried two meaty chunks but it was too sweet. Then he tried three meaty chunks and it was just right, so he ate it all up.

Rambo glazed at them from the corner and had a tear in his left eye. He climbed to the top of the twisty staircase and got into bed sad and depressed.

He never went exploring Sheinkin Street again.


2 Responses to “Brownlocks and the Three Bears II”


    You really should lay off the weed kid.Your once admirable mind is turning to puppy chow.

    Juss Sayin.

  2. ramboblog Says:

    I don’t smoke weed! do I know you from somewhere?

    Juss Askin.

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