Brownlocks and the Three Bears I

Once upon a time there was a little dog called Brownlocks who lived at the edge of Sheinkin Street. He was called Brownlocks because he had very beautiful curly brown hair which gleamed like poop in the sunlight.

But although Brownlocks looked so pretty he could sometimes be very naughty. Every day as Brownlocks went out to play his friend Asael would remind him: ‘Now Brownlocks, you may go and play in the blvd, but man don’t go into Sheinkin Street or you will get lost.’

One morning Brownlocks began to get tired of playing on Rothschild blvd. ‘I know,’ said Brownlocks to himself, ‘I’ll go exploring Sheinkin.’ he looked back at the house to make sure that Asael wasn’t watching then ran off across the blvd and into the streets.

Brownlocks wandered deeper and deeper into the streets until he became completely lost. He felt very frightened and was about to cry when he saw a strange little girl eating cottage cheese. Brownlocks tapped on her shoulder there was no answer. Then he peed on her leg and again no answer.

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