Rambo Duplication Stick

rambo giraffe

Rambo: I had a strange dream last night, I was in a room full of bitches, I was the only male in the room, it was a fancy event sponsored by Starkist Tuna, all the dogs are eating tuna from cans, and they were all calling my name: Rambo, Rambo, Rambo…come hither…come hither…what the fuck is hither…anyway, this is where it got messed up, I come to one of the dogs, from behind, very gently (or not) I am all aroused and ready to go, and just when I insert my ‘Rambo Duplication Stick’ the dog turns into a cat, and says something like: “meow” what the fuck I say, and move on to the next dog, and the same thing happens, I try a bunch of other dogs and they all turn into cats, so the room starts filling up with cats…and that’s when I woke up. What the fuck does all this mean? I have no idea, do you man?

Asael: fear my friend fear…fear…you are afraid you cannot perform…so just when it comes to the action something happens that makes it impossible…although as we found out yesterday it doesn’t really matter to you how you duplicate, so if you were in the wild, I can imagine seeing your familiar face all over the place, Rambo-birds, Rambo-zebra, Rambo elephants and even Rambo-Giraffes…I think you get the point…so the only thing I don’t get is what made you stop?

Rambo: hi asshole I was young…I was experimenting…I don’t really like cats, they are a big turn off…regarding fear you may be right…its been a while man…its been a while…I keep getting this emails about Viagra…maybe its time…it’s Viagra time!



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